Types of Loan Consolidation

Consolidation of loan , we distinguish different types of consolidations. First, there are two main categories: the Consolidation of consumer loan , which consolidates all of its debts into a single loan, and the Consolidation of home loans and consumer loans , which combines the consolidation and restructuring of consumer loans and real estate loans.

Consolidation of real estate loansConsolidation of real estate loans

In its two main categories are other types of loan consolidation:

Consolidation of real estate loans

If you have noticed that mortgage rates have fallen since you took out your mortgage, you can renegotiate it or buy it back to enjoy a new rate and new, more attractive borrowing conditions. The new mortgage thus created will have its own rate and its own monthly payments. Learn more about buying real estate loans .

Consolidation of loan and request for cash

Although this is not the starting point for thinking about the consolidation of loan, it is possible to use this type of financing plan to obtain extra cash, in order to be constituted a security savings. Learn more about buying back loan with cash demand .

Consolidation of loan and loan work

In the case of excessive debt, including your mortgage and your consumer loan, it may be difficult to have a cash envelope to finance any work you would like to do in your main home or secondary. With a reConsolidation of loan backed by a new work loan, you can find an additional envelope to be able to finance them. Learn more about buying back loan and working loans . 

Consolidation of loan and debts

Over the years it is possible to accumulate some debts which, although not weighing heavily on your finances, prevent you from financing new projects. Consolidate these debts through a buy back of loan can be the solution to finally be able to realize new projects, real or movable. Any debts will be included in a new loan and therefore repayable on a single monthly payment. Learn more about buying back loan and debts .

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