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Anyone who has acquired a single-family home, of course, is just thinking of an existing property, how it can be used and what should be considered when a property needs to be rebuilt or renovated.

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Especially the attic usually has to be revised or refurbished for a property. In the case of old buildings, in most cases, for example, little or no insulation is present. Not infrequently it happens that the insulation of the roof is very bad, or even the insulating wool molds because there is no proper vapor barrier.

Anyone who finds such defects in his property, should in any case pay attention that he can fix them and accordingly makes something more out of the house.

In principle, it should also be considered whether the attic is not expanded and, for example, by the installation of a dormer additional living space can be created. In practice, this is possible, although after obtaining a corresponding building permit, which can be realized without problems.

Why are dormers popular when expanding?

Why are dormers popular when expanding?

Dormers have the great advantage that they bring a lot of space in the attic and at the same time they offer, when it comes to the fact that the roof pitches disappear and a flat or house should be given correspondingly more living space in the attic.

Basically, it should be noted that usually only a certain area of ​​the roof can be expanded with a dormer, otherwise it comes to that, for example, an attic to a mezzanine floor. It is therefore to clarify in advance exactly how the attic must be expanded and how much space can really be used for dormers in the attic.

In most cases, however, it is no problem, especially in smaller buildings, when an attic floor is fully developed, or by additional dormer windows to a so-called full floor.

Since the buildings in the neighborhood are usually higher than is the case with small family houses, can be approved without problems that the house is completed with an attic, or is significantly increased by this.
In practice, dormers offer the following advantages:

  • Less slopes in the attic
  • Significantly more space and footprint
  • Enlargement of the living space
  • More light in the attic through eg additional windows

Anyone looking at a house should think carefully about which rooms already exist in the attic and how they can be extended, for example. In practice, it usually takes not so long until a suitable attic has been expanded. However, it should be well planned in advance, as it can quickly lead to errors without good planning.

Even with the size of the windows must be taken to ensure that they look good from inside and outside. A suitable symmetry can in any case help to plan an attic and to ensure that everything can be set up properly.

Who decides to plan a house and expand the roof, of course, in advance, for example, on the Internet research, how the attic can be changed and what is possible, if the roof is to be expanded.

How much is loft conversion with dormers and how are they financed?

How much is loft conversion with dormers and how are they financed?

The attic can be enlarged without problems by appropriate dormers. It is possible that these can be realized, for example, suitably by a master carpenter in combination with a master roofer.

An overview of the loft costs can be found in the guide of dams and renovation for your reference.

Who looks at the prices for a dorm must also take into account that there are many windows that need to be planned. Here, too, it is necessary to clarify in advance with the window manufacturer what costs the windows cause and how they have to be installed.

Basically, can be expected with a price of about 7.500 to 15,000 euros for a small to medium-sized dormer. This alone means the costs for the craftsmen including material and windows.